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Shower walls can also be restored and sealed
Flooring has a 10 year
transferable warranty
Debbie Burton of Prudential Canyon Lake Realty
Canyon Lake and Mission Viejo Office, CA says:

I offer Granite Shield to all my client's that buy or sell a home through me. I believe in the product and highly recommend it. I even have it on my own granite, marble, glass including my stainless steel appliances and toilets. Granite Shield restoration and sealing services are ideal for my clients. Granite Shield cleans the grout, tile, flooring, and even shower doors back to new condition. Then they seal everything, especially granite, with a lifetime warranty on the countertops, which is transferable to the new homeowner making my job easier to list and sell my client's home. Please feel free to have your customer contact me at
or visit my website at
Granite Shield can seal more than just stone. We can also seal shower doors, stainless steel, exterior glass and more. Granite Shield offers complete flooring and stone restoration. Renew your old floor, then protect it with Granite Shield.
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Granite Shield sealing services available