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Dear Granite Shield,

After our wonderful kitchen refacing/remodel by Kitchen Plus, and at their suggestion, we had Granite Shield applied to the Labrador Antiqua countertops. The application made the color richer and the surface feel even smoother. That was not the best part.

NOTHING gets through the Granite Shield. Everything, dripping glasses left over night, spilled wine, liquor etc. just wipes off with plain soap and water and buffs with a cotton towel, easily,
to the original, beautiful finish.

We are so pleased that we listened to Dave at Kitchen Plus and got the Granite Shield. We have recommended it to anyone we know who has granite or is considering purchasing a new countertop.

Dorthea P. Kalby
Bellevue, Washington
The Granite Shield process is under warranty for the lifetime of the sealed surface against any adverse change to the sealed surface, including appearance, visual clarity, and staining of the sealed surface. If any such adverse change occurs after the Granite Shield process has been applied, Granite Shield will repair and reseal the applicable surface at Granite Shield's expense. Flooring is under warranty for
5-10 years. For warranty issues please call toll free
*Etching of calcite based stones such as Absolute Black, Blue Bahia and marble/travertine/limestone due to acidic liquids is not under warranty.* Warranty may be transferred to the new homeowner once the home is sold as long as the new homeowner has a copy of the Granite Shield receipt.

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